List of donations

The platform was created to help the most vulnerable segments of the population: the elderly, the disabled and orphans.

List of donations


How can you help?

Today, new technologies make it possible to expand the charitable sector and consolidate the Tzedakah culture, as it has always been for centuries. When the strong helped the weak. So that each person has the opportunity to contribute to our common cause.

Donations can be:
Public or anonymous

You can enter your name, and then it will appear on our website, or you can remain anonymous

One-time or monthly

The transfer of funds can be one-time, or every month the amount that you would like to donate to the Fund will be debited from your account

But they will always be accountable

At the end of the month, each of you will receive by email a full report on how and for what needs the funds were spent.

Incorporation documents


SOLOMON Charity Fund for the Jewish Traditions and Culture Support
Legal address: 127018, Moscow, 2nd Vysheslavtsev per., 5 A
INN 9715281331 / KPP 771501001
OGRN 1167700072781
Settlement account № 407 038 102 380 000 063 22
Purpose of payment: Donations for the maintenance of the organization and the conduct of statutory activities
The percentage of the donation is deducted for taxes, passes according to the form 51003
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With the support of FJCR and the Chief Rabbi of Russia Berl Lazar