Delivery of food to the elderly and low-income families during a pandemic


Delivery of food to the elderly and low-income families during a pandemic


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Delivery of food to the elderly and low-income families during the pandemic

We deliver hot meals to the wards of the Shaare Zedek charitable canteen who are in self-isolation.

The coronavirus pandemic has hit the elderly the hardest. A worn-out body is not able to withstand infection, and pneumonia is deadly for the elderly! So it turns out that about 80% of deaths worldwide occur in people aged 80 years.

The average age of wards of the Social Security Fund, which we support, is even higher! Self-isolation is vital for them.

It means that people have lost the opportunity to visit our charitable canteen. And for the vast majority, she was the only opportunity to receive a full hot meal.

The canteen, like the entire community center, was closed due to quarantine. But it didn't stop working!

Earlier, we had wards who did not leave their homes for health reasons. We brought them lunches home.

In relation to the quarantine, all the beneficiaries of the Charity Catering program were tied to their homes. This is more than 5,000 people!


Of course, Shaare Zedek could not leave them alone. We are now delivering meals home to everyone who used to receive them in the dining room. We also expanded the project and began to additionally deliver food to low-income families with children.

The charity canteen prepares around 600 set menu meals daily. It is a dietary, easy-to-digest, tasty and healthy food that is so necessary for the elderly. In order to be able to deliver meals to everyone in need, we had to expand our fleet, hire new drivers and couriers.

As a result of the current situation with the need to attract new personnel, as well as to expand the delivery areas and provide personal protective equipment - today the costs exceed the normal budget of the Fund, and we are in dire need of additional funding.

Every small but regular donation will help support older people who have no loved ones. There is no one else to take care of them, and we cannot allow people who have given their whole life to society to be abandoned and forgotten in old age.

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With the support of FJCR and the Chief Rabbi of Russia Berl Lazar
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