For the statutory activities of the fund

Donations for the maintenance of the organization and the conduct of statutory activities.


For the statutory activities of the fund


35 $


7 469 $

Fundraising in progress (7 469 $)
35 $
Collected for all time
10 799 $

There is another category of donations - for the statutory activities of the charity fund. It includes administrative expenses: 

  • transport charges;
  • advertising;
  • stuff salary;
  • office equipment.
  • Funds are needed for the development and basic needs of the organization. It’s impossible to plan our activities and implement large-scale long-term projects without financial support.

    By donating to the statutory activities of the charity fund, you help us not only raise funds for specific purposes, but also work on social programs every day.

    This emotionally difficult job is not for everyone. Often this work has an irregular schedule and is based on enthusiasm. The charity fund is a non-profit organization that develops exclusively on donations. Therefore, we are very grateful to our benefactors for any support and attention in a responsible matter.

    The loyalty of society to the problems of the suffering people is very important. Many organizations and individuals show a real civic position, helping to the best of their ability.

    Our goal is to attract public attention, to unite like-minded people. The ability to hear and share someone else's pain is not given to everyone. We invite everyone who shares our principles of work to support the fund. By joining forces, we can do more!

    The contribution of everyone is valuable to us! If you share our philosophy of philanthropy, join the common cause - your participation is essential.

    Do good deeds and think globally!

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