Make yourself free from everything

Urgent treatment is required for Shota Abramashvili


Make yourself free from everything


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52 924 $
51 514 $ opens the 2nd raising for Shota Abramashvili for treatment at the Tel Aviv Medical Center. You already know the story of Shota, recently we collected Nexavar for him. Shota is now taking this drug, but urgently needs treatment.

Shota Abramashvili is a person who is unlucky. It all started with the most common everyday situation that many faced: Shota broke his arm, and as a result, a crack formed in the radius. However, this had much sadder consequences than could have been expected at that time: three years later, the injury turned into osteosarcoma. Three courses of chemotherapy did not help to cope with it, and as a result, the arm had to be amputated.

But Shota's misadventures did not end there either: four months later, numerous metastases were found in both sides of his lungs. Chemotherapy followed again, and again it did not live up to expectations - this time it had a certain effect, but it was only in the fact that the therapy delayed the development of metastases and gave Shota time to prepare for the operation. It took place in St. Petersburg: the patient was operated on the first lung, and two months later the second.

However, after a short time, metastases formed in four more places. Not finding a suitable doctor, Shota and his relatives came to the conclusion that it was necessary to go to Israel for treatment, but the family did not and does not have possibility to pay for the treatment. Nevertheless, they managed to find a good oncologist, with whom a remote consultation was carried out - he prescribed the drug "Nexavar" to Shota and especially emphasized that it is impossible to interrupt the course of his intake, otherwise all efforts would be in vain. Thanks to all of you, Shota is already taking this drug and is waiting for treatment.

Now Shota has only a mother and a sister from his family. He is receiving a disability pension; he is 31 years old. He was born in Georgia, where he lived very little, but in 1992 the family moved to Russia, then to Israel, where he received citizenship, and then, in 1955, back to Russia. Shota's mom is a pensioner and a housewife, his sister is a pharmacist in a pharmacy, his father died almost two years ago. He has no wife or children. He studied at the financial academy, then transferred to the Academy of Labor and Social Relations, which he graduated by correspondence.

This all sounds rather dry, like a curriculum vita for an institution. Usually, when talking about a person in trouble, we try to paint his portrait as vividly as possible, talk about his hobbies and what his life is filled with in addition to the disease and the fight against it. But Shota talks about all this without much desire - the grueling treatment, which has more than once turned into disappointment, overshadowed everything else for him.

- When I began to be treated, it completely knocked me out of my life, - he admits, - Now I have one plan for the future - to be cured. If I’m cured, then I’ll think about other plans. About wife, about children. But first, I want to make myself free from everything.

At the moment, 3,968,416 rubles are needed for treatment at the Tel Aviv Medical Center. Part of the funds, namely 174,960 rubles, will go from the first collection, but we have to collect 3,793,456 rubles. If we succeed in doing this, Shota will not be cured instantly and his problems will not disappear the next day, but he will be able to continue to fight for his health. And then, sooner or later, he will again have the strength to think and dream about something other than victory over the disease.

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